30 Days 1950s Homemakers Challenge

I am about to live my life like….

Wait for it…

The 1950s Homemakers for a month.

This may sound crazy but I am so excited, I’m not sure what will happen after the 30 days but, I’m so so excited, I may keep to this lifestyle for longer than I plan to or it may just end after 30 days.

Some of you may not know this, I have been a homemaker for years but all those years I hadn’t fully taken the role and made it my full-time ministry as I did after the birth of my daughter. This year, I must say I have fully committed to the role and it’s been a wonderful journey.

While I was doing my research on homemaking, I came across a challenge that intrigued me, it’s called ‘the 1950s housewife/homemaking challenge’. Some bloggers and Youtubers have done it since 2010, all of them did it differently and for different reasons, some did it for a week, others for 24 hours, and some for a month. The more I read about the lifestyle of the 1950s homemakers, I knew that I had to get on board because I noticed that my values and goals as a homemaker, are similar to those of the 1950s homemakers, I’d say about 40% and my routine needs some work.

For the next 30 days, starting from June 5th, I will be living my life as a 1950s homemaker.

It won’t be the same to the tee; because I will be using different appliances than what a 1950s homemaker used.

Evers since reading about ancient homemakers and practicing some of the things they did, I have seen a great improvement in how I manage our home, I am less anxious about housework and I find that I am in a better state mentally.

My purpose for doing this challenge is to

  • Have fun
  • Find new ways to keep my house clean and organized
  • Create ‘some’ meals from scratch
  • Keep track of the household, finances, etc
  • Create a haven for my family

I will not fully dress as they did, maybe I’ll attempt for a day or two.

I will try and do my makeup as they did, just for fun.

Most homemakers in the 1940s and 1950s homeschooled their kids so as a homeschooler myself, I will share more of what we get up to in our homeschool.

If you’re keen to follow along, I will be sharing my journey daily on Instagram and weekly on my blog, I hope you will enjoy and probably join me. Fill this form to join the homemaker.


I will share the 1950s guide, schedule, and more resources on Sunday.

Until then, bye



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