6 Productivity Hacks For Moms

I would classify myself as a busy person. I am a full-time stay-at-home mom, I work from home, I’m a low-key traditional homemaker, I also homeschool my two kids which mostly takes up a lot of time. With everything I do that is motherhood-related, work appointments, wife duties, church, productivity can seem impossible sometimes. I used to struggle a lot with being productive after becoming a mom until I started on these tips. Getting things done with little humans at home can seem impossible, but it can be done.

Here are 6 productive hacks for stay-at-home moms

Get things done when the kids are sleeping

This can happen in two ways, you can either wake up before your kids or do some work after they go to bed. My kids sleep pretty early, so as soon as they sleep I can get to work for an hour or two before I sleep on some rare occasions I wake up before them.

Now, the keyword here is intention. You don’t want to just stay up late or wake up very early to just walk around the house, unsure what to do because your children aren’t awake. You want to make the most of this time to get the most important things done with no interruptions.

Limit the number of things you own

I have started de-cluttering the house using the “have just one” rule or the “have just enough” rule especially with my children products. Kid’s stuff can easily overtake our house because though they are little but they can have a lot of stuff. I started to reduce the excess.

They no longer have a lot of water bottles, colored spoons, forks, plates, etc. I now keep a bottle each that they can use at home and one when we are on the road. I find that the less stuff I have, the easier it is for me to wash, put back and organize. My house has less clutter and that saves me a lot of time and energy. Washing cups every night isn’t that hard when it’s just 2 or 3 cups.

Bulk Meal Prep

Most of the meals and snacks I give my kids during the day need to be prepped. So I started bulk prepping. If I will need to offer them fruits, strawberries, grape, etc, I cut a bunch at once and store the rest in containers so that when I need to offer the meals to them again it will be hustle-free. Same with lunch and supper. This saves me a lot of time.

Use Toy Rotation

This is the concept of just allowing your child to play with a fraction of their toys at a time, while the rest are kept in storage. When your child has too many toys, he or she may become bored with them, making their favorite toy look like rubbish and kids get overwhelmed. You can keep the toy choices fresh, new, and exciting by rotating the toys.

Plan ahead

My husband is the one who always emphasizes this, he makes a personalized diary for me every year to help me stay organized. Use the 6P Rule (aka Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance).
Plan out family meals, days out with friends, kids’ activities, etc. I find that if I know the day before what I will be doing the next day I am less anxious because when I wake up, I do so fresh and ready to go about the day.

Batch Your Time

Do things in blocks. Instead of going back and forth between activities, playing with the kids, writing an email, while checking a DM, get into the zone of what you’re doing, this helps to be more effective with your time.

I started using the Pomodoro technique to make the most of my time. For example, I spend 25 minutes sending and responding to emails and then I take a five-minute break. And I make the most of those 5 minutes — put a load of laundry for washing. The key is that whatever the 5-minute task is, I have it ready to go. I’ve already sorted the laundry or maybe that’s a 5-minute task. I plan ahead what I would do in that 5 minutes.

How do you thrive as a stay at home mom? How do remain productive as a mom?

Remember to work on your priorities first and don’t let what other people expect of your life to dictate your life. I hope you find these tips helpful


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