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How to get started with meal planning in 6 steps

I have been a homemaker for 8 years now, but I am still figuring out ways how to manage my home, family, and work with ease. One of the things that I have been doing more of lately is meal planning and meal prepping. Today I will be sharing 6 ways how to get started with meal planning. Before we gin into this topic, let’s cover some basics. What is meal planning? Meal planning, in…
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3 Thing To Free Yourself From As A Mom

Who you are behind closed doors matters more mama This other day the kids and I went to the library, got some books and later on we went to the library park to play, I thought to steal a moment to myself while occasionally glancing at them. I received a call from my sister, while chatting to her I noticed glances from pass by and I translated that as “they probably think I’m a bad mom…
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When to start potty training?

Unpopular opinion; Start when you and your child are ready. Hear me out. Potty training is not all about your baby, you need to be ready and onboard as much as they do. Potty training like other milestones and developmental changes, I believe need the parent and child to both be ready for it to successfully happen. I remember with my first, I had all that I thought I’d need to start…
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3 Ways You Can Wear A Swimsuit As An Outfit

I got this beautiful swimsuit from Iconix and because it looks so good, I couldn’t just wear it at the beach or swimming pool. Here are 3 ways I am wearing this swimsuit. You can shop for this swimsuit or anything else on the Iconix website and get 10% off when you use code ‘FUTHISONO’ when checking out. Which is your favorite look, A, B, or C? Comment down below. …
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Parenting With Grace Through The Terrific Twos

When I became a parent for the first time and my eldest was approaching her second birthday, I heard the term “terrible twos”. Most posts I read about the toddler stage were mostly about how terrible the stage was, I was warned and told that “your child is nice now, wait till they turn two” “oh the stage is so horrible”. I don’t want to lie, this kind of scared me But when my…
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Finding Joy In The Monotony Of Homemaking

“The home is not just a place to change clothes between activities and then crash at night; rather it should be a vibrant center of education, industry, service, and worship. God created the home to be a place bursting with activity and conversation, while simultaneously providing peace and refuge.”Zan Tyler Wake up. Wash. Clean. Cook. Feed. Tidy-up. Repeat. It’s…
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4 things I don't say to my children and why I think you should avoid them too

Luluspov – Parenting with grace Parenting with Grace is challenging me daily to be more conscious of what I say to my children to make sure that what I say does not wound or influence the way they view themselves and the world. One of my main love languages is words of affirmations, I know how words affect my world, one of the gifts of kindness I prayerfully give to my little blessings is…
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6 Productivity Hacks For Moms

I would classify myself as a busy person. I am a full-time stay-at-home mom, I work from home, I’m a low-key traditional homemaker, I also homeschool my two kids which mostly takes up a lot of time. With everything I do that is motherhood-related, work appointments, wife duties, church, productivity can seem impossible sometimes. I used to struggle a lot with being productive after becoming a…
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Product Review: Asiligold Health Tonic

“The greatest wealth is health”― Virgil Health is truly the greatest wealth we will ever have. Every aspect of our lives has the potential to suffer if we do not maintain our health, vitality, and best energy. This thought is probably the reason I spend much time looking for ways I can better my health and wellness. Health is a big deal to me because of my history with low immunity, I…
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7 Encouraging Scriptures for the overwhelmed mom

It’s 7pm and I feel so tired. The kids and hubby had an early night today, I am sitting on the couch feeling so overwhelmed about what still needs to be. I look over the kitchen sink, and I see a pile of dishes I was yet to do before warming up food for the family. Our laundry basket with clean clothes that I needed to fold and put away and get some of the clothes ready for ironing the next…
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