How I Named Our Baby

Growing up I have always been that child who missed out on school because of sicknesses. My early years I struggled with Epistaxis (nosebleed), later on, I had Asthma and other complications. I firmly believe that it was because of 

Grace that I was saved.

When I was 15 years old, I went through struggles in my life and one day I decided to take my life. I thought…

“This is too much to handle”,

“No one can survive this”

“No one deserves to go through this at my age”……..

But GRACE…  saved me

I could take days writing about how much Grace God has bestowed in my life. When I found out I was pregnant, I was so grateful that Grace found me. I couldn’t be happier. No better name than Grace could testify of all I have been through.

Phindumusa is our daughter’s name. It is a combination of mine and husband’s name. My name is Futhi has the same meaning as name Phinda, they are both Zulu names that mean again or repeat. My husband’s name is Bongumusa, an African origin that means “Thank you for the grace”.

The first part of her name Phinda has the same meaning as my name and the last part of her name Musa, which means Grace or mercy is taken from her father’s name.

Phindumusa means Grace Again, “Thank you God for repeated Grace in our lives”. Her name serves as a symbol and reminder of how gracious God has been in my life. And I pray the Grace of God is what will carry her throughout her existence.


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