LIFE UPDATE – Where have I been since my last blog post

Hello everyone,

Well, first of all, I will start by saying

….Yes, I know that we’re already 80 days into the year, I thought it would appropriate for me to open up this post with that.

It’s been a long while since I posted here, wow! I can’t believe that it has been 302 days since I last published a post here. So much has happened in my life, I thought I’d do a life update – Where have I been since my last blog post and also keep you on the loop on what I will be sharing in the upcoming days.

I’m so excited to be back. I missed blogging so much; I  with everyone here. A big welcome to those who have joined in on my parenting journey, happy to have you on board.

A Little Recap

I had planned to share my pregnancy journey since I last shared the Big News that we were expecting baby number 2. Baby #2 Announcement Post But then, here we are 7 months postpartum. For those of you who do not follow me on social media let me catch you up a little bit.

1. We found out the gender of our baby, and it’s a boy

2. By God’s grace August 13 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

3.  All my fears about whetherI’d be able to love both my kids the same are GONE and my daughter is the best BIG SISTER EVER!

Why was I not posting? Where have I been?

The short answer: I took an abrupt break from blogging so I could take care of myself (mental health) and it did me good. 

Reason for Break explained in detail:

In march my nephew passed away, he was only 4months old and seeing his lifeless body broke my heart, I wished I had been there with him more, prayed for him more. The thought that my sister’s little boy was no more was too hard for me to bear. I told myself “don’t think about it much”, “don’t to cry too much” cause that could affect my baby (since I was pregnant). I did my best to try to suppress my feelings. I tried avoiding any talks and/or reading about infant deaths just so I could not think about it much. That seemed to work, but only for a while, however, “any feelings that are not properly dealt with have a way of coming back when you least expect them to.” And that’s exactly what happened.

The past months I hadn’t been myself, I had been so emotional, some days I’d cry myself to sleep. On other days I’d feel as though I was not ready to have the baby, I had so many ‘what ifs’…

What if he doesn’t make it?

What if I don’t make it alive after delivery?

What if I give birth to an unhealthy baby?

All this what if’s led me to celebrate my pregnancy less. All the plans I had for my baby I slowly began to push aside without me even noticing it. I slacked in most areas of my life. It was bad. I had anxiety while I was pregnant that led me straight to depression postpartum. If there’s one thing that helped me get through each day, was that my sister could still see light through the dark tunnel and my family’s support. 

What’s Next

I’m very happy to say that I am back and way better. I went home for 2 months, spent time with family and I am (READY)




Determined and

Yes looking forward to giving 2020 the best of me.

Here are some blog posts I will be uploading in the upcoming weeks:

29 lessons before 30

My Journey through pregnancy – the second time around

What I will do differently with baby #2

Surviving the first week with a newborn and a toddler – Day in the life post

Tips to cope with anxiety while pregnancy

My delivery story 

Parenting with a purpose

I am so excited. The break did me well. It was much needed for my mental health. To anyone whose going through something, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I have learned that it’s easier to give love to others when you have learned to love yourself completely. Be the best version of yourself so you can give the best of YOU to all those around you.

Thank you for your time spent on my blog and please do follow me on my social media platforms Instagram, Facebook and twitter. In the comments below please share, what you’ve been up to these past months. I would love to catch up. Thank you

See you in the next blog post.

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