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I have been a WAHM (Work at Home Mum) since the birth of my 4-year old which is the year 2016 and as a health enthusiast staying healthy is my priority. I do not only eat healthily, but I also workout to stay saint. Any mother out there can attest that motherhood is a mere walk in the park therefore one cannot attend to every day’s needs without finding ways to recharge or refuel their energy. Working out has been one of the best ways that have helped me recharge, refuel and refocus my energies so when Adidas asked me to write about my At-Home workout and How I stay mentally motivated during this time to stay active, I couldn’t be happier to share my favorite at-home exercise workouts.

Being indoors almost 24/7 tending to the needs of my two little ones while running a business from home can be exhausting and depressing at times, and that requires one to stay fit.
Staying fit and health does not only require me to visit a physical gym, but it all begins with what I ingest, coupled with every activity I do during the day to keep my blood circulating, from doing chores around the house to chasing my kids around the yard – it all benefits my health. I thought I’d share some ways I workout at home with hopes that it can encourage someone to try and formulate their routine.

I use my daily chores

Sweeping, mopping, dusting, and other house chores are great ways to help stay in shape. I do this by increasing the pace at which I do these simple chores to get my heart rate up, that it makes me feel more energized after performing each task.

I use Workout Apps and Videos

I enjoy an at-home workout that is instructor-led, mostly with a group of other people with the instructor, it makes me feel like I’m part of the team. I enjoy the cheers, the encouragement

yes, that’s it”,

“you can do it”.

It makes the entire workout fun. In no particular order.

1  Blogilates

Blogilates is by the beautiful Cassey Ho, she has a ton of workout videos on her website with different body focus from Abs, Arms, Back she also has challenges from 7 days to 30 days plus, printables and so much more. All of these are free.

2.  TaeBo by Billy Blanks 

Taebo has been used by many people for over 20 years and has been my favorite since my varsity days. Billy Blanks has a youtube channel with new content weekly on there. My current favorite workout at the moment is the Celebrity Fit Sculpt Workout.

3  Adidas Training by Runtastic – Workout FitnessApp

This app is a game-changer, it has a variety of workouts, and it makes it easy for anyone to incorporate working out to their daily routine. It is free to download and use. There’s an option for the purchase of the Premium Membership if you require specific training plans. Upon signing-up, you get a 1-week premium trial, from there you can pick any workout.

This app has short to long workouts, from 3-5 minutes up to 90 minutes, it also has different training plans, 3-weeks muscles toning, 6-weeks Abs, 12-weeks full body transformation, you can add friends kinda like workout buddies and so much more. The app is available for download on Android and IOs devices. Download the app here.

I Utilize Play Time With The Kids

Playtime with my kids is my favorite, it’s probably the one way I was able to maintain my weight even as a stay-at-home mom. My three (4) year old enjoys dancing and singing, a day is not complete without us dancing to one of her favorites songs, it’s more fun for her if mommy dances-along with her. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes song is one of the songs I owe gratitude to for helping me maintain my size 30 even after giving birth to two babies.

 How Do I stay Mentally Motivated During This Time To Stay Active? 

I have about 4 Tips that keep me mentally motivated to workout on any given day.

  1. Have a plan & Set Goals. I remember years ago, my husband and I had gym memberships, I was so excited to incorporate the gym into my lifestyle, however, I’d visit the gym aimlessly, spend more time on trying out types of equipment, at times I would spend most of my time visiting different classes. In the end, I stopped going to the gym because I didn’t have a plan, I got bored with the idea of visiting the gym. A plan that matches with my goal and lifestyle keeps me motivated.
  2.  Start at your own pace. A 5km run for a first-time runner might be too much and the next morning soreness may discourage a first-time to go for a run again. So, it’s important to start a workout routine at your own pace and then build up on it daily, that way its more enjoyable.
  3. Have good music. I love music,and good music can get me to do just about anything lol. If you looking for a way to stay motivated while working out, I’ve found music to be what always keeps me pumped during my workouts.
  4. Get comfortable workout gear. I like comfort when it comes to workout gear and I’ve realized that a good workout gear does get me motivated to workout. A good pair of leggings, comfortable sports bra, stylish top and comfy trainers is a good motivation to workout and in turn show off the workout gear. 

I would like to know about your workout routine or tips, Please comment down below on the comment section. 

Here are some of my favorites from Adidas.


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