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The name of my blog LulusPOV (Lulu’s POV) suggests that the content I will be sharing will mostly be based on my POV (Point Of View) and personal experience, though some content I will be sharing will be research, I will also share my thoughts on it. I do not claim to know it all (Actually no one does), I do hope however that my journey will be a pathway for you.

Luluspov is a motherhood journal from a Faith-based mom’s perspective. My faith is the drive and engine behind the blog.

I will blog mostly about:

My journey through motherhood, how being a mother is making me a sweeter person. Under the umbrella of motherhood, I will share parenting tips, my learnable moment in my journey, how I parent the fruit of the Spirit, reviews of products I love and use, our favorite recipes for babies and toddlers, and much more.

My homeschool journey is one of the topics I will cover, along with my simple living/ Minimalism lifestyle and my essential oils journey.


My Work

My life as a blogger has been such a wonderful blessing, I have had the privilege to work with amazing brands, mom bloggers who have become my mom friends and I have discovered more about myself than I ever had in my life before.

Here’s a flip-through of my current media kit. For further details please email me.

  • Please feel free to contact me should you need to connect with me. I am open to collaborating with brands or other lifestyle and parenting bloggers.
StoryTime: Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery

StoryTime: Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery

“The moment a child is born, a mother is born also” maggie Scarf Our bundle of joy made her debut into the world on August 27th, 2016. Holding her in my arms took longer than I anticipated, I am so grateful she is here. We are Pregnant January, 5th 2016. 06:00…We found out that we were pregnant. Yay, “I was…

Newborn Mother

Newborn Mother

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.  Rajneesh Before Birth I was so ready for motherhood. I had it all figured out. Dirty nappies, puke on clothes, I expected it all I was so ready to be a mother,…

Please Stop Asking Me When I’m Having Another Baby

Please Stop Asking Me When I’m Having Another Baby

Few months after my husband and I got married, some people started asking us when we having a baby. *rolls her eyes* we just smiled and continued with our lives. I remember a older woman I barely had conversations with, called me up during lunch at church. She said I should turn around, and I did without putting much thought…

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