Review: Delicious Monsters, The Biggie Beanbag | Wheat Bix

Disclaimer: Delicious Monsters sent me this product (The Biggie Beanbag ) for free in exchange for an honest review. This review is based on my honest opinion of the product.

Product: The Biggie Beanbag | Wheat Bix

Price: R 1,480.00

Ages: 4 – 10 years

Manufacturer’s Description: Machine washable cover. 78cm depth x 70cm height x 70cm width.

The Wheat Bix range is a linen look (PRINTED TEXTURE), not a coarse woven fabric, meaning it is soft to the touch.

As a homeschooling family with two little people who love and enjoy spending time together reading books, our Biggie Beanbag quickly became a hit and our kid’s best addition to their room. It has since become their go-to chair for reading and bonding time.

Navigating the website

Delicious Monsters was so kind enough to allow us to choose a Beanbag of our choice and I must say their website is so well structured, it almost had me wishing to have another little one so we could have everything on their website. Here are some of the things I loved about the website:

  • It’s attractive,
  • The menu is well-labeled and easy to navigate,
  • It also has categories based on the type of prints, which makes it easy to shop on the website.
  • Easy to checkout

Product Range And Selections

To begin with, there is a vast selection of bean bags on the Delicious Monsters website. They are available in a variety of prints/ranges, sizes, and forms to accommodate kids ages 1-3 years and 4-10 years (the Biggie beanbag).

We got The Biggie Beanbag – Wheat Bix print, its lightweight and portable – which makes it easy to move it around the house. It easily conforms to the shape of whoever is sitting on them and are very comfortable.


The Biggie Bean Bag arrived in a well-wrapped bag. The kids enjoyed opening it up and testing it out as soon as it was out of the bag. It arrived really quickly; this is great especially if you plan to buy it for someone special.


When we unboxed the Biggie Bean Bag, the first that caught our attention was the great color shade and the soft touch. I love how realistic the color tones are and how well it complements the furniture in the kid’s room. One of my favorite things about the Biggie Beanbag is that the cover comes with a zip-off, machine-washable cover.

Phindy and Owe are so happy with their Biggie Beanbag, I often find them cuddling, reading, and relaxing on their beanbag, they say it’s their favorite “reading chair” ever.

To find out more about this great addition to our family, click here.

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