The Herbalist Review: My honest experience with the natural supplement brand

During my childhood, I experienced frequent illness, which led to numerous hospital visits and consultations with various specialists. My childhood was marked by limitations, as I was unable to play freely like other kids, I would get sick often until my mother introduced me to the power of natural remedies. As I grew older, I took control of my health by adopting a more nutritious diet and prioritizing wholesome eating habits.

I am constantly on the lookout for natural supplements to enhance and balance my diet, as I passionately believe in the profound words of German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, “Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing.” Therefore, when The Herbalist Shop – The world of holistic healing collaborated with me, it brought me immense joy and excitement.

We live in a digital age; online shops have become a convenient and accessible way to explore the world of herbal remedies and natural wellness products. In this blog post, I will provide an in-depth review of The Herbalist, an online destination that brings the treasures of holistic healing right to your doorstep.

Navigating the website

The Herbalist‘s website has a clean and visually appealing interface that makes it simple for users to navigate and find products. The well-organized categories, search functionality, and clear product descriptions all add to a pleasant browsing experience. The site’s responsive design guarantees that it is accessible on all devices.

I love that each product listing on The Herbalist provides detailed information, including ingredients, benefits, dosage, and more information about the product. The transparency and emphasis on product details empower users to make informed purchasing decisions aligned with their values.

A notable feature of the Herbalist website is its collection of educational resources. The blog section offers informative articles, guides, and tips on sustainable living, and natural health. These resources empower users to deepen their understanding and make conscious choices beyond their purchases.

Product range and selections

The Herbalist impresses with its selection of products and bundles. Some of the bundles you can find on the Herbalist website are:

Fit Bundle
The Essentials
Kratom Bundle
Winter Essentials
Full Product Bundle
Teens Bundle
Full Product Bundle (Including Kratom)

These bundles are well priced, on top of that The Herbalist also offers monthly subscriptions, making it easy for users to have their supplements delivered to their door every month. I love that every subscription product gives a buyer a 15% discount every month.

I got Tongkat Ali Capsules and the Winter Essential bundle which is the perfect winter combo to prevent and cure colds and flu. This bundle includes 1 Immune Booster, 1 Moringa, 1 Superhuman Capsule, and a Pillbox.

Customer Service

The Herbalist offers reliable customer support through various channels, including email, phone, and Whatsapp. The website’s FAQ section addresses common inquiries, and the company’s return and refund policies are clearly outlined, ensuring a positive customer experience.


The products came with a Holistic Health code that I can stick on my fridge or anywhere visible to serve as a reminder, along with a sticker and product information, and directions for use pamphlets. They have a WhatsApp number that users can reach them on for any inquiries. Overall great service and speedy delivery.

About the products

  1. Tongkat Ali 60 Capsule
    Prize: R249.95
    It is 100% Natural and free from additives. Contains 100% Pure Tongkat Ali Powder
    Benefits: Tongkat Ali has many benefits and is suitable for both Men and Women. It helps increase Testosterone, Libido, fertility, increase Energy, enhance Muscle growth and Fat loss, and improve Sports Performance and Endurance. It also helps restore Hormone Balance, particularly during the menstrual cycle or Menopause.
  1. Winter Essential Bundle
    Prize: R399.95 (Sale)
    2.1 Moringa Capsules
    Moringa is a versatile and nutrient-dense plant that has gained significant popularity in recent years. Oftentimes, Moringa is referred to as the “Miracle Tree” or the “Tree of Life” due to its rich nutritional profile and potential health benefits.

Benefits: It helps increase Energy, Healthy Weight Maintenance, Muscle Growth, Better Brain Performance, Healthy Hair & Nail Growth, and Healthy Skin. Moringa has so many benefits, it also gives the body the nutrients it needs to Perform Optimally. I just love Moringa and how I feel every time I take it, light, healthier, and on top of my game.

2.2 Superhuman Capsule
Contains: White Kratom, Green Kratom, Moringa, Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Sceletium, Lion’s mane.
It is a powerhouse, it Boosts Energy and Moods, Enhances Focus and Brain Function, helps to Boosts Immune System, Relieves Stress and Anxiety, Helps Enhance Sports Performance, and Boosts Memory

Contains: White Kratom, Green Kratom, Moringa, Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Sceletium, Lion’s mane.

2.3 Immune Booster Capsules

It is a natural Immune Booster that helps to reduce Inflammation and Congestion, treat Fever, Colds, and Flu, Boosts Natural Collagen, and Improves Your Sleep

I love all these products mostly because they are natural, my favourite kind of way to take supplements – the natural way. I have been using these supplements for 14 days and I feel light, energetic, and like I can take on the world. My energy levels have really improved,

I sleep better, I usually take hours to fall asleep, insomnia is gone. I am really loving how I also don’t wake up tired in the morning, I can homeschool, clean, cook and do all my daily to-do list without needing a boost of my energy. While health is not everything but without health everything is nothing- I am happy my health is improving.

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