StoryTime: Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery

“The moment a child is born, a mother is born also” maggie Scarf

Our bundle of joy made her debut into the world on August 27th, 2016. Holding her in my arms took longer than I anticipated, I am so grateful she is here.

We are Pregnant

January, 5th 2016. 06:00…We found out that we were pregnant. Yay, “I was going to be a mother.” Just like any first time mom, I was so overjoyed, I couldn’t wait to finally meet our baby.

Pregnancy is getting company in one skin”

My pregnancy journey was not all smooth, it had bumps and potholes here and there. I remember during my first trimester i was very sickly I couldn’t even go to work, (Thank God I am self-employed) so it could be done. During my third trimester my BMI was so low I was told I would need a blood donar to have a safe delivery, but by God’s grace on my next appointment, a miracle happened, my BMI was normal and I didn’t need to undergo blood transfusion.

Fast Forward…..

The Mucus Plug

August, 25th 2016…In the early hours of the morning I noticed “bloody show” …I was losing my mucus plug,

What could this mean?

Losing mucus plug is a sign that your body is preparing for labor. Although in some women, their bodies can get rid of the mucus plug between 37 and 42 weeks of gestation. And it can even happen as late as right before delivery. Some women can lose it earlier in the pregnancy, and the body will create more mucus to protect your baby.

I was a week overdue, being a first time mom and all, my husband and I decided to go the hospital, with my hospital bag. Medical Practitioners do say thought that although losing the mucus plug is an early sign that labor is soon, but it does not mean labor is looming…but then again, each woman is different.



In the afternoon when we got to the hospital, a number of tests where done, urine tests, genetic screening, ultrasounds, and electronic fetal monitoring – Wide, stretchy bands that hold two electronic disks against abdomen. Fetal monitor keeps track of the baby’s heart rate and helps determine the strength and duration of your contractions.

Eventually i was admitted for monitoring because on the monitor it dictated that i had contractions. Strangely thought I didn’t feel anything. I checked into the room and got comfortable. I binged watching my favorite vloggers, reading blog posts, i thought i was gonna have the best labor ever seeing that i had ‘painless contractions’…so I thought.

Does my shoe size matter?

Friday, August 26th… Well, there is a rumors that woman’s shoe size can predicts the need for a cesarean section or c-section. Studies have been done that show that there is no correlation to the size of the pelvis and cesarean rate. Although the shoe size does tell the Doctor or midwife the size of a woman’s pelvis.

I  being a size 3 and 4, the Doctor suggested that I should be booked in for c-section….I didn’t do much research about that, but I had faith that with God by my side I could have a normal birth regardless of my pelvis size…

Fast Forward…Around 09:00 in the morning (Friday), i was induced. I must say, I did not do much research around this topic so I didn’t know what to expect after being induced. After 30 minutes, my contractions started, and from there I wished I hadn’t gotten pregnant, LOL.

Delivery of the Baby

“The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because it is you.

I took out my wedding ring, I felt as though it was somehow delaying everything. I experience so much pain with hopes that it would be over soon, but when I was checked I was only 2 cm dilated. Whenever I looked at the watch  I was sure that someone was playing tricks with me, Its like it was on slow motion, seconds had turned into minutes. It felt like my worse nightmare.

Around 00:30 am I started throwing up, almost 7 cm dilated. I was then moved to another room for observation. They placed the fetal monitor on me again, because my baby’s heart rate had dropped, this limited my movements and I was finding it very hard to cope with the contractions. At this moment I was willing to get anything to stop the pain.

For 7 hours straight I had the monitor on me, while laying on my right and crying for help…Before I went to labor, I had a self-talk, I promised myself that I wasn’t going to scream or do anything funny…lol, If only I knew.

08:15 am, 27 August 2017

1,2,3 Push…1,2,3 Push!

There she was… My little princess, Right then I realized how much love I had in my heart. Instantly, all the pain ceased and I fell In love. Straight after birth she was placed on my bare chest, for immediate skin-to-skin. After cleaning the baby up and stitching me, the midwife helped me latch her for her first feed.

I became a MOTHER, after 23 hour labor. I was fulfilled.

A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty

Thank you for reading till the end!

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