Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders Through Actions and Words

Welcome to my little corner on the internet called Life from Lulu’s Point Of View. Today I will be sharing one timeless piece of wisdom that has guided my parenting adventure, it is: “Your actions mold their world, and your words guide their path. Choose both wisely.” As a mom who is navigating the beautiful, sometimes chaotic, world of parenting, I can attest to the profound…
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An Open Letter To The Anxious Mama

Dear Mama I get it. I feel it too, sometimes Motherhood is hard Motherhood can be lonely Admitting this fact does not make you or me a bad mom; neither does it mean you’re not grateful to be a mom. It does not mean you don’t love your children. It is a fact, Motherhood is hard. Just when you thought you had figured it all out, a different stage hit you, and you are on your…
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8 Go-To Bible Verses For Hard Days

Mom life is not as easy as it looks in pictures, it can get lonely, overwhelming and leave you feeling down and out. In those hard days a pick-me-up verse is what keeps me sane and at peace. These verses may not instantly change the situation but they sure do uplift my spirit and give me hope that it will change, I then am able to look forward to a better day, tomorrow. Here are my 8 Go-To…
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