4 things I don't say to my children and why I think you should avoid them too

Luluspov – Parenting with grace Parenting with Grace is challenging me daily to be more conscious of what I say to my children to make sure that what I say does not wound or influence the way they view themselves and the world. One of my main love languages is words of affirmations, I know how words affect my world, one of the gifts of kindness I prayerfully give to my little blessings is…
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What A Child Really Needs

A child gonna remember who was there not what you spent on them. A child can out grow a toy and outfit but never TIME and LOVE“ We live in a busy world, with so much competing. Parents are under pressure of providing for children’s physical, medical, nutritional,educational and social needs. While we do all of these, we often overlook our children’s deepest needs; TIME…
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