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4 Meal Planning Myths

Meal planning doesn’t look the same for everyone; there is no one way to meal plan or meal prep. A lot of people find it hard to get started with meal planning because they think there’s one way to go about it and that it’s a lot of work. In today’s post, I debunk 4 meal planning myths. Check out my post How to get started with meal planning in 6 steps, in this post I share…
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5 ways to store butternut to stay fresh for longer

Butternut is one of the vegetables that are available all year round and about 99% of homes (at least in South Africa) have butternut, and some families have it in surplus. It is nutritious and can be used for many dishes, in soups, stew or roasted salads, etc. If you happen to have more butternut than you need or you have cut the whole butternut and now have half leftover, worried that it might…
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How to get started with meal planning in 6 steps

I have been a homemaker for 8 years now, but I am still figuring out ways how to manage my home, family, and work with ease. One of the things that I have been doing more of lately is meal planning and meal prepping. Today I will be sharing 6 ways how to get started with meal planning. Before we gin into this topic, let’s cover some basics. What is meal planning? Meal planning, in…
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