A letter to the Invisible mom - Mom you are building a great cathedral!

It all began to make sense, the blank stares, the lack of response, the way one of the kids will walk into the room while I’m on the phone and ask to be taken to the store. Inside I’m thinking, ‘Can’t you see I’m on the phone?’ Obviously not; no one can see if I’m on the phone, or cooking, or sweeping the floor, or even standing on my head in the corner, because no one can see me…
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Life Through The Eyes Of A Child

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about”Angela Schwindt I have been a mother for 2 years now and witnessing how a child behaves has been a rebuke of my view at life. Life through the eyes of a child seems so pure, free and with limitless possibilities. Children are so fascinating to watch and though they don’t have…
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8 Go-To Bible Verses For Hard Days

Mom life is not as easy as it looks in pictures, it can get lonely, overwhelming and leave you feeling down and out. In those hard days a pick-me-up verse is what keeps me sane and at peace. These verses may not instantly change the situation but they sure do uplift my spirit and give me hope that it will change, I then am able to look forward to a better day, tomorrow. Here are my 8 Go-To…
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